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      Using the Classifieds

      The Classified ads part of this site makes it very easy to manage placing ads and managing the process of getting a buyer to commit, and tracking the sale, and finalizing it after collecting the payment.
      To post a new ad, click "post classified" which is located on the menu bar near the top along with other other menu options such as "My Classifieds", "My Profile", "My Bids. etc.
      You will want to edit your profile when placing your first ad. It will be a one time task.

      Fill in the description of what you are selling and post some photos. If you are posting may photos and they are high resolution, you may get an error "500 server error". If that happens, click to go back to the previous page and select only one image or try fewer images, you can add a few at a time without overloading the server.

      If you add shipping information, and payment type, it will show only when the user clicks "buy", if they are left empty, the ad will not display anything about payment type or shipping when the user clicks "buy".

      Notifications will be used to let keep the buyer and the seller informed throughout the process of the buyer committing by clicking "buy", then the seller clicking "Accept", then the user sending payment, then the seller clicking "payment received".
      Once the transaction is complete, it is archived.

      At any time, the seller can go to "My Classifieds" and choose a ad item and edit it. The ad can be deleted if the item has been sold to someone outside the classifieds system. The ad can be hidden, if the seller doesn't want to delete it, but wants to take if off the market for a time.

      There is an area for individual sellers and there is another area for Store Operators. If you are a Store operator, message me and I will get you set up to operate a store.

      This is a very powerful and easy to use system and feel free to use it as much as you want. more sellers and buyers will make this site a great resource for like minded hobbyists!

      Richard Evans

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